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By focusing exclusively on the IT industry, our platform covers a wide range of jobs and fields, from web-design and development to marketing and sales. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we are well aware of all specifics and challenges when it comes to finding the right IT talent. This know-how helps us drive campaigns and attract traffic with maximum efficiency.

You Know What You Get

Your job posting will be shown to our users at least 3,000 times. When posting a job and launching a promo campaign on our platform, you can immediately see what kind of results you could expect. You can always increase your exposure and get even more traffic by boosting your promotion on the go. Our campaigns and services always stay flexible for you!

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Our user base consists of thousands of IT professionals who use our platform to browse current openings, looking for a new job. With over 90% of our traffic coming from Finland, we are the most specialized job marketplace for IT recruitment in Finland. You don’t need to waste time on targeting the audience, because we have already found yours.

Daily Performance Tracking

Our native and easy-to-use analytics dashboard shows you all relevant metrics about your promo campaigns. Here is what you can track:

  • How many days your job post has been live;
  • How many times your ad has been shown to job seekers;
  • How many unique job seekers your ad has reached;
  • How many times the job seekers have viewed full job details (+ conversion rate);
  • How many times the job seekers have clicked on 'Apply now' (+ conversion rate).

This crucial data will help you understand how your promotions perform day by day. Boost your exposure, extend your campaigns or make any adjustments as you see fit, based on data-driven decisions with the help of our analytics!

Daily Performance Tracking